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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Awesome Mural at Prospect Park Station Needs Your Help

I know it seems like the Q is always asking you to give $$ to one thing or another. But sometimes, a little cash is warranted. As in artist Kwenci Jones' modest request for support as he looks to finish the remarkable restoration of his iconic jungle mural at the Prospect Park train station on Flatbush near Ocean.

Click here to help out. What with Dave Eppley's work on the Flatbush Trees, and longterm plans to reclaim that plaza from the selfish MTA, we might one day have a plaza worth crowing about.

Thx Kwenci, and Richard Greene from Crown Heights Youth Collective. Which, by extension, means thanking Cheryl Sealey (she of PPEN and also Chair at the Collective). Which, by extension, means thanking every single person who reaches out to the kids of the neighborhood, with as little as a smile and a word of encouragement now and then.


Michelle said...

That link is just taking me to the main gofundme page?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

thx michelle! had you not told me well, heck I'd never have known.

this really is a collaboration. i would post but once a week if it weren't for all the good folks sending me stuff and generally being upbeat and collaborative about this blog thing, which in another era would be called a "bulletin board." pushpins instead of posts!