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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Time To Give To Parkside Plaza

From Rudy and In and Duane and Sonya and Blaise and...actually the list is much too long to write in the 2 minutes I have between bedtimes, but here's a note from Rudy, asking for a little gift in the run-up to "Giving Tuesday," a particularly galling answer to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Please Just Get It Over With And Kill Me Now Sunday.

Hi, everyone,
On Tuesday night, we'll be calling a close to our fundraiser.  If there is anyone who you have asked to give, and who you've been meaning to remind, now is the time!  The link is here:

The video alone is here:

Parkside Paradise from Thorsten Thielow on Vimeo.

If anyone has any doubts about how great the plaza will look next spring, you can send them photos form our daffodil planting:
But, as of now, we've raised $6000.  I know there are a few thousand more dollars out there for the asking, and I know we're going to need the money once the plaza gets built.  So make those last asks, and let's see how much more we can raise:

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