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Friday, November 14, 2014

Petition To Allow Us To Use OUR Parade Ground

Sometimes the reaction is overkill, and that seems to be the case with a strictly enforced rule to stay out of the Parade Ground after dark. Good folks that I know have been ticketed for walking their dogs or bicycling through the area at ungodly hours like 7pm. As dark comes earlier and earlier, the rule become more and more absurd.


The 70th Precinct says that the patrols are aimed at stopping violence from occurring, and there has been a fair amount of THAT in the past. However, and just stay with me here for a minute, if they're putting patrol people out there to ticket dog walkers, couldn't those same people simply be providing the police presence to deter crime? Instead of ticketing they could be doing something more productive, like texting. That's what most rookies seem to be doing these days anyway.


Having received my share of Pink quality of life tickets in the past, I'll say this: sometimes it makes sense, and sometimes it don't. I get ticketing someone who pees between parked cars. I get ticketing  bicyclists who ride on the sidewalks. I DON'T get denying people a place to walk their dogs or take a shortcut home at a reasonable hour.


Look, if you wanna shut down the Parade Ground, pick a mutually acceptable hour. I believe that's much more appropriate than relying on the Sun, Moon and Stars. Is this now the Broken Zodiac theory of policing?


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