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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Vote Wavny

She's qualified. She's your neighbor on Hawthorne Street. She's smart. She's fair. For all these reasons, don't forget to vote for our homegrown justice, Wavny Toussaint.


babs said...

Did we have any choice? It was, "vote for any four," and there were exactly four candidates. Duh.

Christopher1974 said...

There were 6 candidates on my ballot. Four under the Dem column and 2 different names under the WFP column.

Also fun fact: you don't HAVE to vote for four. You can't vote for MORE than four. It's badly worded but the whole ballot and voter information campaign in NYC is terrible so I'm not surprised.

babs said...

Thanks for that clarification - I must have overlooked the WFP candidates (since I will never vote WFP again, because of the endorsement of Mathieu Eugene).