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Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Q" and A

Rather than ask myself questions, which of course I do all the time, here's an interview of the Q by the indefatigable Norman Oder. I tried to get them to take my picture with my shirt show off my six-pack abs...but they said it was too cold outside and I might nip out. Apparently it's a family publication.

Interview with the Q in

Bklnr lets you read one article a month, but you have to pay for a subscription of $2 a month to read it all, and there are tons of good pieces in it worth reading more than the one on me. They're trying to create a journalistic model where the journalists actually get paid. Good luck with that! (Actually, my work-around was to open it up in a separate browser so it thinks it's your first time. But I would NEVER endorse that kind of thing. And anyway, you can only do that so many times before you feel like a thief.)

Seriously though, Norman is a good guy, a smart guy, a Flatbushian himself, and he writes the insanely thorough Atlantic Yards Report, which you'd be silly not check in with from time to time. And yes, look for a book from him in the near future. His theme? Don't trust "the Man."

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