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Thursday, November 6, 2014

MTOPP Over the Top

Wow.  The last 72 hours have seen a lot of zaniness on the escalating Alicia Boyd vs. CB9 front. Basically she nearly had an aneurism after Monday's reconvened CB mtg because there was supposed to be a community input session that was canceled because SUNY Downstate kicked us out. I for one was prepared to listen to another set of diatribes, but it wasn't to be.

This did not sit well with Ms. Boyd, who began jumping up and down and screaming "police state," was one of the last to finally leave the building. The dozen or so cops didn't help...if anything it just fed her fury. But they were suitably restrained, mostly just looking the part. I commend Inspector Fitzgibbon for remaining in observation mode. One pissed MTOPPer actually threatened and pushed the a table into CB9 first vice-chair Laura Imperiale, as if she were about to lay down and brawl. Notably the assailant was yet another of Alicia's borrowed goons, who come from out of district to raise trouble.

It's a lot of effort to go through to try to take down an all-volunteer board of decent and respected members of the community. As I've noted it can get a bit Keystone Cops on occasion, but a Community Board is hardly "the Man." It became clearer on Monday that these folks cut their teeth at Occupy Wall Street. Their tactics are better suited to taking on Corporate America than a bunch of retired teachers, middle class professionals, clergy and the like. It's really just bewildering to us, and the back and forth on the ol' email between board members basically adds up to a big WTF?

In two parts, I'll share with you the latest. First the most recent missive, sent to everyone who will listen, explaining why this war is being's incredibly specific in betraying the very personal NIMBYism at the core of her battle. While she's won (and lost) a lot of followers by claiming to be champion of the little guy, you realize just how much her antics are in service to desires of the current gentry - the town house owning folks whose backyards abut Empire Boulevard. The Manor? I doubt they're as concerned about a few apartment buildings, given their neighborhood is protected from development. She claims, somewhat late in her diatribe, that Flatbush Avenue is somehow in peril too. Really? You don't say? Well sound the alarms! Someone should get on that...maybe if we put our heads together we could come up with a plan to DOWNzone it! Wouldn't that be splendid? I wonder where we could find some folks willing to put the time in on that. Oh and at minimum there will 40K-50K new people coming to the neighborhood. Minimum. Does she realize how outlandish is that number?

The email is addressed to YOU, PLG and Manor, so you better give it a good read. I'll give you a copy of the lawsuit she just served the Board this afternoon in the next post. Taken together, you get the picture of a true original.

From: "The Movement To Protect The People" <>
Date: November 6, 2014 at 10:05:16 AM EST
To: <"Undisclosed-Recipient:;">
Subject: Letter to PLG and Manor
Dear PLG and The Manor:

Have we forgotten that when 626 Flatbush was up for State Funding
Eric Adams was the State Senator.

Have we forgotten he is responsible for the current
financial incentive of building in our community
via the 421a tax breaks, that gave nothing back to the community!

Have we forgotten that just before he became Borough President
he was under investigation,
he had no opponent despite this weakness
and his loyalty is not to the people
but to whomever eliminated his competition.

And now he comes wanting us to support
his campaign promises he made to those who placed him in office.

Have we forgotten that just a few months ago
he was outright lying about his ability to keep the heights to six stories
or his statements of wanting  our residential community
turned into a tourist one.

Have we forgotten that 626 Flatbush Ave
isn’t an affordable housing complex, it is a Luxury one,
with a small component of  “affordable”,
paid with complete tax paper’s money
and that the current policy is still of this model!

Have we forgotten that when we asked him to support
our efforts to reduce 626 Flatbush Ave. height
he hid behind the “as of right”,
whereas other communities such as Windsor Terrace
and Washington heights have had their representatives
be successful at reducingas or rightheights.

Now he comes to the same community wanting support,
wanting you to disregard your neighbors’ homes,
their investment, their community?

Put yourself in Sullivan Place shoes. 
People who have lived here all their lives,
some born and raised,
where their home is their only investment,
now picture this beautifully sunny block forever in the shadows
12 hours of sunlight gone!

What about all the other homes boarding on Empire Blvd
and who sit a few hundred feet away.
The constant construction on Empire Blvd, pounding
at these 100 year old homes, causing leaks, cracks,
foundation issues, flooding, decreasing the value of their homes,
setting them up for lawsuits that would be years in the making.

What if that were your home? Your street?
What would you be willing to do to stop it?

Would you want your neighbor to say,
 it is okay to build 25-35 story building right up against your property
lines in your backyard,
Would you want them to do that to you?

And what are you getting in return,
promises from Politicians, developers! 
Did they keep those promises before?
 All those secret dealings that were suppose to produce results!
 What about all those promises made in public (stadium)
 did they keep those! No they did not!

And what could they promise you that
would allow you to turn your back on your neighbor,
 to turn this community into high-rises,
crowded streets, traffic backed up for days,
no parking, increase health risk for all!
For the children for the elders.  

We are talking about another 40-50 thousand people
(and this is a modest estimate).
 What will you get in return?
We all use the same trains, the same sewage,
 the same bus lines, the same streets. 

City Planning doesn’t plan for that,
they just plan for buildings. 
They say, there is a train station one block away,
this is a great place to build! 
There is a bus line on this block,
this is a great place to build! 
This is right up against the park, the garden
This is great place to build.

And what about the Park, the Garden
what about our unobstructed views
that will forever be gone. 
A whole Ave of 626 Flatbushs all up and down
Washington Ave, Flatbush Ave. 

Yes they can do it even there
because when our Lawyer looked further
Flatbush Ave corridor is not safe. 
Check it out if you don’t believe me.

Do we now trust our politicians
who have never been there for us? 
Do we now trust Developers?
Do we now trust City Planning?
Do we now turn our backs on our neighbors? 
That is the question?
Rescind the Resolution!
No Residential on Empire Blvd!
(718) 703-3086


Ernie Ern said...

Hi Tim - do you know how much parking will be at 626 Flatbush? Will these spaces be for monthly rental like a lease? Do you have a link to a site that shows parking info. for the building?

Ernie Ern said...

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Carmen said...

Holy shiznit! She has got a serious case of the crazies!

Christopher1974 said...

There's already residential on Empire. Is she planning to kick those people out?