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Friday, November 28, 2014

MTOPP Shifts To the Real Battle

While poor Pearl Miles continues to bear the brunt of Alicia Boyd's malice, MTOPP is turning some of its legal energy to the real bear...scandalously unscrupulous landlords. Let's hope this is the beginning of MTOPP's alliance with the Flatbush Tenants Coalition and the Crown Heights Tenants Union, two groups who have actually hit the road with the rubber to bring real justice to real people.

If they have success helping even one unfairly targeted family stay in their homes, they will have been heroes in the Q's book (of heroes, I guess, which I'll be publishing right here, and probably won't actually look like a book, but whatever.) The other lawsuits they've leveled against the Community Board are frivolous and dangerous to the notion of community involvement in zoning. Let's hope the pivot becomes more than a passing fancy. Racist landlords are the real enemy, not your neighbors who just happen to disagree with you on how best to address the already-coming development with a bit more restraint and intelligence.

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babs said...

So I suppose we can expect another disrupted CB9 meeting. Also, what is the court case on the 11th about? Does it involve the lawsuits against the CB? Would it be helpful if anyone showed up to support the CB (if they're parties to this action)?