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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Live Blogging Ebola in Brooklyn

UPDATE AT 7:20 PM: Thanks be to Allah! No Ebola in Brooklyn (is that a Beastie Boys song?)...yet. The Bed-Stuy man who was thought to possibly have the Ebola came up negative. 

I like Laurie. I don't know Robert. But I like that within minutes of the announcement that Ebola may have come to Bed-Stuy, they issued a press statement. That's what leaders do. I also like that this gave me a chance to start to bury the blog posts that were even more about me than usual. I thought about NOT posting on them, but that seemed even weirder, since the whole point of this blog was self-examination and truth-telling. And truth be told, it WOULD be a big deal if Ebola started to spread in Brooklyn. Though given the intimacy required to become infected, I would just suggest we not share bodily fluids with strangers for the next 24-48 hours. Friends, lovers and congenial colleagues only. With consent, of course.

Joint Statement from Council Members Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. and Laurie A. Cumbo Regarding a Potential Ebola Case in Bedford-Stuyvesant

BROOKLYN, NY - Council Members Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. and Laurie A. Cumbo released the following joint statement in response to a potential Ebola case in Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn:

"One great benefit of our city's diversity is the compassion it naturally teaches for neighbors whose home cultures and experiences differ from ours. Central Brooklyn is home to many New Yorkers who are part of the African diaspora. Thus, we have been focused on the ebola crisis in West Africa both in prayer and in action, sponsoring a public health education forum focused on ebola and enterovirus in the 36th district just last week.

"We do not yet know if our community member is suffering from ebola or if his symptoms are due to another issue. Whatever the case may be, we are grateful that our city is well prepared to give him proven treatment of the highest quality while also protecting others who may be at risk.

"We encourage our constituents to maintain their compassionate focus on the well-being of us all. Anyone concerned that they have been exposed to ebola through travel or other means should call 911 to access a medical response, regardless of their immigration status or ability to pay. Others with questions or concerns may call 311 or our offices to be added to the contact list for future public health related outreach efforts."


diak said...

Is this the case of the woman who had recently visited West Africa and collapsed and died in a Brooklyn hair salon? It was announced yesterday that she had a heart attack and did not have Ebola.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

no. this is a guy and it just happened. he was rushed to hospital.

diak said...

You've scooped the Times' website!

Carmen said...

I wish we were this paranoid/proactive about the flu, and HIV, and AIDS....and finding a cure for cancer...those sorts of things.

Carmen said...

PS: He's negative for the virus