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Friday, May 30, 2014

Breaking News: Concrete Evidence

Here come the trucks

And out come the handcuffs
The big rigs were there, ready with tons of mixed concrete to pour into the foundation of 626 Flatbush, the 23-story monster tower going up overlooking Prospect Park. A few brave neighbors tried to block the trucks with their bodies, and at least a couple were arrested, according to reports. (by reports, I mean a couple people sent me emails, including Mrs. Q. What, you think this is CNN over here?)

It's quite an impressive sight, seeing viscous cement goo poured over rebar to make a strong enough foundation for a building of that size. Granted, this process is done to mammoth proportions all over the Big Apple. But I honestly never expected to see such an enormous enterprise right here in Lefferts.

To those wondering about the lawsuit, well, since Hudson is charging ahead with building, the judge will now undoubtedly see it's the time for a ruling. Apparently, said barrister was awaiting an "imminent crisis" to the community in order to rule whether the company had dotted its i's and crossed its t's on the way to getting nearly $100 million in government backed funds.

I know there will be those of you who don't understand the despair and disgust being exhibited by the protesters, who see the building as too tall and too symbolic of takeover by forces outside the 'hood. But I do hope you'll admire their tenacity and fortitude. I for one am super proud to know that when folks feel the spirit of protest, they act on it. God bless America.


tsarina said...

Its a great place for a high rise what with the views of the park etc. I lived in the patio gardens complex and it is fabulous.

Mama said...

This is how Brooklyn has become. A takeover. I support these protestors 100%. Power to the people. But where are our representatives?

Tom G said...

One more thing I just thought of. Halting that cement is very costly to the builder. If that cement doesn't get poured, those drivers have to get it out of their trucks before it hardens. If it hardens, they have to basically jackhammer it out from the inside. How loud is that! ouch. A mighty blow by the mighty few! Well Played!

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Don't cry, Tom G. They poured their cement. Glad you were concerned about the noise though. It will be cacophonous for many months.