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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TONIGHT: Pre-K and K Summit - at Play Kids

For those of you still up in the air about public schools for your young 'uns, please join me and Pam Wheaton, managing editor from for a discussion about options, choices, frustrations and strategies. Some of you may have read my series of posts (google "q's school tool") on District 17 schools. And yeah, it's pretty slim pickings. Most parents I've met choose to find other schools in other districts than their zoned school around here, usually Jackie Robinson, which has yet to show an interest in joining the current century. My oldest has been at PS705 for pre-K, which is in our district, so I know that school fairly well from the inside and am happy to share. If you have a kid at a school you like, PLEASE join us and tell us about it. In fact, anyone with knowledge or interest please feel free to come and we promise a lively evening.

Shelley is once again being super-sweet for offering to host at Play Kids, 676 Flatbush. (It's actually hard to imagine what we did before her and Carl set up shoppe). So:

Lefferts Pre-K/Kindergarten Summit
676 Flatbush (at Westbury Court)

Feel free to email me with questions or topics to cover.

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Anonymous said...

Hi - Any chance you might post a summary? We really wanted to come. Like you we're zoned for PS 375 even though we live on Caton 6 blocks from The Caton. We love the neighborhood, but are very concerned we might have to move if we can't figure out kindergarden.