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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Street Closings and No Parkings

There will be two events in the confines of the 71 Precinct on May 18, 2014.
Lag Bomer and the Brooklyn 1/2 Marathon. Please read the following advisories.

On Saturday, May 17, 2014 the Annual Brooklyn 1/2 Marathon will affect traffic in the following areas and times.

No Parking on the following blocks(from 5/16, 2014 at 930 PM to 5/17/2014, 1200 PM)
Ocean Avenue       Empire to Parkside
Parkside                  Ocean to Coney Island Ave.
Flatbush                   Gap to Empire

Heavy Traffic delays and street closures
(from 5/16, 2014 at 930 PM to 5/17/2014, 1200 PM)
Eastern Parkway
Ocean Avenue
Parkside Avenue

On Sunday, May 18, 2014 the Lubavitch Community will be celebrating Lag Bomer. This holiday is a joyful occasion and when it falls on a Sunday it becomes a special celebration with a large parade on Eastern Parkway. To allow for the Lag Bomer street parade and festival there will be no parking on the following streets from midnight, Sunday May 18, 2014 till times posted.

No Parking on following blocks
  • Kingston Winthrop to Rutland till 8AM
  • Kingston Empire to Eastern till 6PM
  • Albany    Eastern to President till 3PM
  • Eastern Parkway Albany to Brooklyn both service lanes  3 till 3PM
Street Fair
  • East New York Albany to Brooklyn till 9PM
  • Kingston Lefferts to Maple till 9PM
Traffic Delays (6Am to 3PM) 
  • Eastern Parkway
  • Empire Blvd
  • Nostrand Ave
  • New York Ave
  • Troy Ave

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