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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Community Board Meeting Tonight May 20

The agenda is below. Not a lot of fireworks planned for the public session, but in the business session nominations happen tonight for the Board leadership. In the Q's opinion, the election this year (in June) should be quite interesting, with challengers going up against longtime executive committee members in every position. The Exec sets the agenda each week, and the chair assigns committee chairs. So a change would be significant to the Board's work. Stay tuned...


Unknown said...

I was surprised the improvements to Franklin Ave didn't pass. As an outsider it felt like petty politicking preventing good decision making.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Daniel: Believe it or not, it DID pass. The motion to table (preceding the vote) failed, and by that point everyone was so confused that some voted yes meaning no and no meaning yes. It passed by two votes, though it's anyone's guess what people actually thought!

The whole thing was a bit of a disaster, but I have a feeling things are heading somewhere good. Patience, Luke! The force is growing stronger!