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Friday, May 2, 2014

Lefferts Crime Blotter

Dynamic Duo Fabri and Martinos are back with another spine tingling account of crime and punishment. Note that the $10 stolen at 713 Flatbush was from ParksideZ deli. Some of my "faves" hang out there night and day. Otherwise, things have been quiet compared to this time last year. Let's hope it STAYS quiet.

Crime Report
March 28 – May 1, 2014
March 28th, 4:30PM. 15 Ocean Ave. Cell phone snatched.
March 30th, 11:00PM. Bedford & Fennimore. Car-jacking (stole a car from a person)
April 4th, 9PM. 390 Parkside. Simulated handgun, demanded money. Two arrests were made.
April 8th, 12:15PM. 240 Winthrop. Cell phone taken at gunpoint.
April 9th, 4PM. 217 Ocean Ave. Went through victims pockets by force. Wanted cell phone, brief struggle, fled without cell.
April 10th, 12:30AM. 713 Flatbush Ave. Commercial store, stole $10.
April 10th, 4:30PM. Flatbush & Clarkson. Cell phone snatched.
April 15th, 5:30PM. 85 Clarkson. Cell phone snatched.
April 16th 5:30PM. Bedford and Maple. Cell phone snatched.
April 14th, 2:30PM. 1030 Nostrand Avenue. At bodega, shoplifter got into a physical altercation with the owner of the store. No arrest.
April 21st, 8PM. 258 Maple. Cell phone snatched. Arrest was made.
April 22nd, 2:30PM. Lefferts & Nostrand. Money taken at gunpoint.
Felony Assaults
March 31st, 11:30PM. 105 Winthrop. Person hit with bottle. Arrest was made.
April 3rd, 3:30PM. 655 Parkside Ave. Assault, person put hands around someone’s neck. Arrest was made.
April 14th, 2AM. 539 Rogers. Person was shot in the right leg. Walked themselves to the hospital. Was intoxicated.
April 7th, 3AM. 249 Lefferts. Perp put their hands around someone’s neck. Arrest was made.
Burglaries (when the police have entrance as front door, without noting that it was forced entry, this can indicate that a person known to the location, who would have access, is the perpetrator)
April 9th, 9AM. 78 Hawthorne. Came through rear window and took electronics.
March 28th, 11:30PM. 1154 Nostrand Avenue. Came through window and took electronics.
April 18th, 3:00PM. 1154 Nostrand Ave. Rear window of house was broken, not sure what they took.
April 24th, 11:30AM. 1216 Nostrand. Commercial truck was broken into, took checks and $1500 cash.
Grand Larceny (No physical force between victim and perp)
March 27th, 7:30. Clarkson and Rogers. Pickpocketer took cash and credit cards.
April 27th, 6Pm. 660 Rogers. Cell phone taken, arrest was made.
April 12th, 5:30AM. Nostrand & Sterling. Cell taken from person.
April 21st, 12PM. Perp stole store owner bank account information, and created a check in that store’s name, from the store to the perp in the amount of $6000. The check was made out to the perp, who went to the bank and tried to deposit the check. Banks will usually release a portion of the check amount on the same day prior to the check fully clearing. Perp was arrested because his name was on the check.
Grand Larceny Auto
April 14th, 6AM. 215 Winthrop. 2002 Black Toyota Sequoia stolen.
April 14th, 6AM. 215 Lefferts. 2006 Gray Volkswagen Jetta.
April 11th, Winthrop street. Perp approached victim from behind, attempted to push her into a building. Person watching from a window, yelled, called the police. Another pedestrian heard the person yelling, grabbed the perp and held him until the police arrived. Perp has a prior clear record, never been arrested before, but may have some psychological issues. Perp did not know the victim.

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