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Friday, May 9, 2014

Long Live the Parkside Empire!

The Flabenue needs your support as it seeks to organize and better meet your needs. Take a minute to fill out their survey? It takes but a few moments, but its results could last a lifetime.


The full name of the merchant's association, which just started last year btw after years of inept leadership as something called FEPMA, is now PARKSIDE EMPIRE | FLATBUSH AVENUE MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION. No need for an acronym. P.E.F.A.M.A. isn't any better than FEPMA, which before that was called FECMA, since at one time it went down to Clarkson. Flatbush up to Parkside from Beverly is and has been a BID for many, many years, and that's why it's so much cleaner. The BID hires a dude to clean, and there's a greater sense of unity and pride. One can hope that one day our "main street" gives us pride, and that we can think of it more as all of ours. Desmond and Shelley and crew are doing their best to create trust and comradery. Kudos for their ongoing efforts.

Now. About that vertical line that's used in the name - EMPIRE | FLATBUSH. You may have always known this, but I only just learned that you can get a vertical line by pressing shift and then the forward slash key on the QWERTY keyboard. There it is. Right in front of me the whole time.

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Over 100 responses so far! Thanks for putting this out there.