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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Warning: Adorable Kitten Pictures Below

There are cat people, there are dog people. Cat people see kittens and turn to smoochy mush. Dog people see kittens and say "meh." Dog people on the other hand see a drooly poopy big-testicled whelp and their hearts pump double-time. Me? I see the drooly poopy big-testicled needy yapping whelp. And I see their poop everywhere, and I don't think nice thoughts when I see it.

It must be in the DNA.

So here, just 8 weeks old and ready for adoption, are some cute orphan kittens from down the block in dire need of your undying love:

Go here to adopt, and please support the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition (not to be confused with Animal Collective, and if you got that gag, you spend too much time reading online 'zines.)

1 comment:

ElizabethC said...

Thanks Tim! We just picked up 10 more kittens on Woodruff today... The kitten onslaught has begun!