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Monday, May 5, 2014

I.M. Pastry Coming to Nostrand

A boutique pastry outfit will soon bring its pleasing aroma to Nostrand near Midwood, care of partners Tiffany Washington and Jo-Laine Duke-Collins. Tiffany started I.M. Pastry in 2009, naming it after her grandma Ilene Miriam. She teamed up with Duke-Collins in 2010, and they've had a great run as a catering concern. Now it's time to open a shoppe, and boy howdy are we glad they're coming to Lefferts' east end, at 1131 Nostrand Avenue. There'll be comfy seating, wi-fi and good coffee. Classes on cake decorating? Check. Teaching kids to make cake pops and cookies? Check. Carrot tartare and minced pork with wilted greens and spiced balsamic beet compote, prepared tableside? I'm thinking not. That might give this blogger a nose bleed.

Look for an opening this summer. In keeping with the trend towards inviting community help in financing some nuts and bolts, here's their Kickstarter Campaign:

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babs said...

I LOVE their video (and the fact that they get the name of this neighborhood completely correct)! A cafe/pastry shop on Nostrand Ave? Yes, please!