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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Slim Jim's To Open By July

Okay, it won't be called that. But it's also not gonna be called DJ Oyster either, a name that was panned on this here blog when it first became public. I like Slim Jim's, after it's location across from Phat Albert's and the name of its proprietor Jim Mamary. But hey, I'm not footing the bill. That stretch of the Flabenue does need a little good clean fun. And owner Mamary confirmed that he plans to open by the end of June. (The Q has noted that proprietor's are often ambitious in the calendars, so take it with a grain of gourmet sel de mar.

Let her rip, Jim. I know a lot of folks who are looking for your new joint to rock our socks off.

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Alex said...

Any details on if/when Lincoln Park is closing?