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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

DOT To Repaint Flabenue Lanes in June

Thanks to Alex Ely's persistence, we now know that DOT is going to get back out there and repaint the travel lanes that disappeared soon after they started working. A rendering of the intended outcome below. Note that swift lane changes will be discouraged, and all drivers with long hair MUST wear caps. Please shower before entering your vehicle. And pedestrians - absolutely NO RUNNING.

1 comment:

diak said...

This looks great for the summer, but we might have some exposure issues come the wintertime, no? Oh well, no solution is perfect.
I'm also pleased that this will effectively end texting while driving! And just between you and me, I'm hoping the dollar vans sink in the deep end (after letting all their passengers out, of course).
Thank you for your persistence Alex!